Pawan appeals to CM KCR

TRS chief K. RTC workers take tasks without any restrictions. Chandrasekhar Rao said Pawan janasena head. He tweeted this. TSRTC JAC announced that the strike is ready to retire if it is not conditioned. In this backdrop, Janasena responded to the Twitter platform on the issue of RTC workers. The leaders of the trade unions have asked him to intervene in the affairs of the RTC. Pawan urged CM KCR to join the Telangana RTC workers in the wake of the announcement that they are ready to join the duties without any restrictions.

The workers, who have been on strike for more than forty days, are hoping that the Chief Minister of the State will ensure that they are adequately supported by the family in order to return to work. Thereby making public transport fully accessible. Pawan appealed to the KCR to ensure that all the workers joined the duties and understood their problems positively. Meanwhile, Pawan had earlier announced that he would support RTC workers and fight for their demands.

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