... So the Congress did not give a letter of support to the Shiv Sena, a call from Pawar's 'he'

The establishment of power in the state has become even more complicated. Suspicion remains on who will come to power in the state. Though the Shiv Sena has claimed to have formed a government, the army leaders have been unable to give a supporting letter. Subsequently, discussions about the establishment of the state were held throughout the country. Discussions began as to whether the Congress had misled Shiv Sena in the state. So, Shiv Sena is also said to have danced. However, the answer is why the Congress did not give a supporting letter to the Shiv Sena.
After the Shiv Sena's failure to claim power, the Governor has now invited the NCP as the third largest party. As of Tuesday night, the Governor has to inform the NCP whether the NCP is capable of ruling. Will there ever be a consensus of the Congress-NCP before that, will the Congress support the NCP? Such a discussion is colored. In the meantime, the question of why the Congress did not give a supporting letter to the Shiv Sena is a question for everyone.

The Shiv Sena wants to do politics at the country level. However, it has been learned that Sharad Pawar has been involved in not giving support letter to Shiv Sena. Talks between Sharad Pawar and Sonia Gandhi were discussed at 6 pm on Monday evening when the movement of power between the Congress-Shiv Sena-NCP was slow.

Sharad Pawar and Sonia Gandhi had a 15-minute talk over the phone. At that time, it is understood that Sonia Gandhi refused to give a letter to the Shiv Sena only on Pawar's request. Nothing has been made clear about forming a government yet. Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray did not propose to make power, Pawar told Sonia Gandhi. Therefore, it is known that Sonia Gandhi's decision to issue a letter of support to the Shiv Sena has been postponed.

Meanwhile, if the BJP and Shiv Sena also show their inability to govern, then the Governor may have 4 options before imposing President's rule. According to the experts, if there is no party in Maharashtra to establish a government, there can be 4 alternatives.

4) Unless there is a new Chief Minister in the state, the Governor will approve Devendra Fadnavis, who resigns as CM, to act as a caretaker Chief Minister. According to the constitution, although the term of the Legislative Assembly is over, it is not necessary that the term of the Chief Minister ends.

2) The Governor can make the leader of the party who is the largest party from the outcome of the Assembly, make him the Chief Minister. In this case, the Chief Minister of BJP will take oath in the state, as BJP has got the maximum number of seats in the state. After becoming the Chief Minister, the BJP will need to prove its majority in the Assembly. At present, the BJP does not seem to have a majority in the Assembly.

3) Governor Bhagat Singh Koshari will give the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly the opportunity to elect its leader with the help of elections. The decision of the Supreme Court will be supported by this option. The court had decided to do so in the Uttar Pradesh assembly in 1969.

2) If the government cannot form any of these two options, the Governor may recommend that the President implement the rule. This is the last option. In such a case, the state formula will go into the hands of the Center. Presently, such a situation in the state is more likely to take the presidency. No party supports the President's rule. Congress has opposed the imposition of presidential rule.

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