Sri Reddy posted a terrible post on Pawan Kalyan .. He did not even leave his wife!

The controversial actress in the Telugu film industry itself, Sree Reddy has become a sensation. With his style of affairs, he is constantly in my mouth. Even though many people are pleased, Sri Reddy's behavior does not change. Why should she even listen to someone else? Is behaving like that. To this end a series of posts is being aggressive. Pawan Kalyan has recently posted a post on 'Bold Beauty'. He did not even leave his wife. What post did she post ..? Going into the details ...

Sri Reddy is full busy there
Sri Reddy has been hitchhiking on social media for a few days. For two or three years she had become well-known. With this, Sri Reddy's followers are more than sixty lakhs. She is also in the spotlight with the latest affairs. For this reason she continues to post something. This is a hot topic. No matter how many criticisms she has, she is no less.

Targeted some heroes
Sri Reddy .. Posting in a few days is very controversial. She has been posting on social media many times, targeting many heroes in Tollywood and Kollywood. There is often something to be said without the distinction of being a senior junior. This has been criticized by fans of the heroes. However, Srireddy's style of business is not changing.

Don't leave heroines too
This bold heroine is not just a heroine .. He also targeted a lot of heroines. The film focuses exclusively on those who continue to be the heroines of the film industry. Sri Reddy's posts are often addressed to them. Some of her posts are too intimidating. This causes her to be hostile. Many people continue to question her because she is insulting sati women.

Worst post on Pawan
Sri Reddy recently posted another post on Pawan Kalyan. She shared a photo of Pawan Kalyan stroking her feet. He also put his wife next to him. This is actually a fight taluk photo of Mahesh Babu starring Srimanthudu in the mango garden. It was made by morphing into it. Sri Reddy on this post 'Someone sent it to me. "Come on sin."

Pawan Kalyan's post was shared by Sri Reddy's post, and his fans are outraged. Directly she comes into the wall and is wearing a lot of booties. This pic shared by Sri Reddy is going viral on social media.

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